Eat healthy and tasty food in pregnancy.

The Glowing Bumps ‘Get Glowing Nutrition Plans’ cover preconception, the three trimesters of pregnancy and into motherhood. Experienced nutritionist and mother-of-three Wendy O’Neill dispels the many pregnancy dietary myths out there (eating for one or two anyone?) and provides you with the latest, scientifically-proven nutritional information that will enable you to make choices that benefit your health and that of your baby.

Did you know that you don’t have to give up your coffee when you’re pregnant, but it’s important to to keep your intake below 200mg a day? Or that to keep blood glucose under control, you should never skip meals and avoid high sugar snacks. Good sources of iron for vegetarians and vegans are dark green vegetables, pulses, wholemeal bread and fortified breakfast cereals (with added iron.)

When you sign up as a member for Get Glowing Nutrition, you’ll fill out a medical questionnaire. This is reviewed by Wendy and we will be in touch should someone need further help and GP care. If you don’t hear from us, you should presume that you’re good to go! If you require further help or consultation with your diet, Wendy can discuss this in a one-to-one session with you, as a bolt on to your membership plan.


  1. Ensuring you and your baby get what nutrients you need for each phase of development
  2. Helping to reduce gestational diabetes (GDM)
  3. Controlling weight gain in line with medical guidelines
  4. Helping you return to pre-pregnancy weight and fitness at a quicker, but controlled pace

We want you to feel good and look your best during and after your pregnancy and the good news is that it’s not difficult to achieve that with the right information, diet and support – Get Glowing Nutrition provides all of that and more!

Your one-stop shop for pregnancy nutrition.


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Glowing Bumps - Pregnancy Programmes for Pregnant Women


are deficient in vitamin D. Supplements help you absorb calcium to strengthen your baby’s bones. 

Source: NHS Digital 2017-18


only some women need an extra 200 calories a day in the final trimester. Find out if this is you.

Source: NHS Digital 2017-18


for women with the right diet and nutrition pre-pregnancy and throughout.

Source: NHS Digital 2017-18

Oatfit now a Glowing Bumps partner

Glowing Bumps is delighted to announce a partnership with Hiandlofood, producers of the delicious, science-led porridge recipe, Oatfit!
Oatfit is the perfect choice for pregnant mothers for many reasons: the wholegrain breakfast cereal keeps you feeling full for hours so energy dips, sugar cravings and snacking are a thing of the past. This is also helpful in maintaining a healthy weight and reducing the risk of gestational diabetes.
The high fibre content is excellent for bowel health, essential for preventing constipation which can often be an issue during pregnancy. Unlike many other popular high fibre breakfast cereals, Oatfit has a fraction of the salt and sugar, making it healthier than many well known brands – per 100g Kellogg’s AllBran has 18g sugar, Bran Flakes has 14g and Oatfit has 4.9g. AllBran has 0.95g salt, per 100g, Bran Flakes has  0.7g and Oatfit has 0.01g. A big difference!
The individual recyclable pouches not only help with portion control but ensure the ratio of ingredients is maintained for optimal health benefits during pregnancy and beyond. A wholegrain cereal served with milk means you start your day with a calcium boost too – perfect for mother and baby. Oatfit can be eaten hot as a porridge or cold as overnight oats.
Always pre-soak oats (preferably overnight in milk) to boost nutrient absorption and increase satiety (feeling full for longer). Making up Oatfit the night before means you are guaranteed to start your day the right way and this has been shown to improve self esteem and make you more likely to continue opting for healthier food choices for the rest of the day.
Add a tasty fruit topping, cinnamon or a dollop of yogurt for an extra calcium boost.
You can buy Oatfit online by visiting their website here
Glowing Bumps - Pregnancy Programmes for Pregnant Women
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Glowing Bumps - Pregnancy Programmes for Pregnant Women


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