Becoming pregnant is one of life’s most exciting moments.

A time to be cherished, but one that also has elements of the unknown. As your body changes and your baby grows, it’s easy to believe that an exercise and well-being regime is the last thing you need to think about. But, the latest medical evidence suggests it is one the first things you should organise, as regular movement and good nutrition is great for you and your baby.

Life as you know it doesn’t have to stop when you become pregnant. Quite the opposite!

At Glowing Bumps, the mission is to provide pregnant women with effective, easy to access, fun and structured pregnancy fitness and nutrition programmes that are specifically made for women by women. The Get Glowing programmes are backed up by the latest medical science providing formalised fitness routines that can be performed in the comfort of your own home, or at the gym using an iPad or iPhone, along with nutrition plans for each stage of your pregnancy.
Glowing Bumps was ‘born’ when CEO, Laura Pheasant, was pregnant with her first baby, Alfie and, after having been a fitness fanatic for most of her adult life, Laura couldn’t find a pregnancy fitness or nutrition programme out there that provided what she was looking for to keep her and her bump in shape.
Whilst Laura found a plethora of useful pregnancy advice and information on blogs, vlogs and websites, she couldn’t find something that was right for her as an individual, that provided her with the structured advice she wanted. So, before baby Alfie was born, Laura spotted an opportunity to help other women and address both the fitness and nutrition elements of pregnancy. The answer was Glowing Bumps with a goal to enable women of all shapes, sizes and backgrounds who might also live busy, professional lives, to stay fit, healthy and informed during their pregnancies and to provide a one-stop-shop for all pregnancy related advice and guidance.
To ensure that pregnant women receive the best in fitness and nutritional advice, Glowing Bumps has partnered with top professionals, Meredith Kramer an experienced pregnancy fitness instructor and Wendy O’Neill a registered nutritionist. These women bring their experiences as mums and professionals, specialists in their fields, into the Get Glowing Pregnancy Fitness and Nutrition plans so you benefit from everything you’ll need to keep your bump glowing in one place. 

If you’re an expectant mother or you know a loved one having a baby, the Get Glowing Fitness and Nutrition Programme provides top level support, clear and uncluttered guidance and a fun, personalised and warm experience to keep you healthy and happy
throughout your pregnancy. We’ll be there every step of the way for you – before those tiny steps appear!

The Glowing Bumps Team x

Glowing Bumps - Pregnancy Programmes for Pregnant Women
Exercise during pregnancy


Stay fit during pregnancy with fun, daily, online exercise videos.

Get you and your bump glowing whenever and where ever you want



Nutrition plans from pre-concpetion, throughout pregnancy and postnatal. 

Eat the right food for you and your baby for a healthy pregnancy

Glowing Bumps - Pregnancy Programmes for Pregnant Women


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